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Games HeadQuarters Welcome

This Site should be a forum for all players that want to have fun with there games without cheating but honorable and fair play. Here you can find all you need and talk about... But this isn't a squad and never will be, if you are looking for a clan you should search somewhere else.

There is alot work in this site and its features and i am sorry but we will offer some of them only our members. Services like TeamVoice Server, JO online Serverlist and Supportforums are not accessable for guests. Also they will miss some menus members got.

To make all contents available for you its needed to registrate your own account, all new registrations will be reviewed by our admins before you get a activation link. All contents and features of the Games HeadQuarters are free of charge and all used utilities are available at Download section. To navigate use dropdown menus at top (to show all for you available menus use Navigation at Main menu)...

Take care
Games HeadQuarters administration

Games-HQ: Server security
Games of July 2011 - Games HeadQuarters announced: We joined to manage abuse contacts

All our servers doing checks for every missed logon and failed contact to each of our servers and services. If one of the defined rulesets is reached it will be automaticly reported to and just in time they will do the abuse contacts.
Posted by True on Friday, 08.July 2011 @ 19:30:08 BST (4171 reads)
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I-News: Titan Gaming acquires Xfire
Internet News2.nd of August 2010 - Titan Gaming acquires Xfire.

Titan will be taking on the Xfire name, with a focus towards ongoing innovation in the gaming space. The Xfire services will continue uninterrupted for its users. Xfire redefined how gamers communicate, Titan intends to build upon this tradition and utilize the Xfire platform to help gaming companies better engage their users. We look forward to continuing and expanding upon the Xfire service.
Posted by True on Tuesday, 03.August 2010 @ 11:48:27 BST (5115 reads)
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Games-HQ: Ventrilo vs Teamspeak
Games of April 2010 - Games HeadQuarters announced: We are using Teamspeak 3 instead of Ventrilo 2 now.

We had already some issues by members using Windows Vista x64, but where not able to find out the problem because not many members where using it. With upcoming Windows 7 this changed, and we needed to solve those problems. Some time ago we have made a tryout with Teamspeak 2, but there where more new problems then solutions using it. The codecs where worse and the server where busy only runing the voiceserver - no CPU time or bandwith left for other services. The newly programmed Teamspeak 3 promised to change all of that, so we decide to give it another try - and it passed.
Posted by True on Sunday, 04.April 2010 @ 12:09:41 BST (4437 reads)
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Games-HQ: Server alterations finalized
Games HeadQuarters3.rd of February 2010 - Games HeadQuarters announced: Server reinstallation successfully done.

The old operating system (openSuse 10.2) wasn't any longer supported by Novell and our ISP where neither making any security update for the services or the kernel itself for a while. It wasn't easy to get newer versions for it directly on the developers pages AND get them running on our server without killing a running service. To update an application on such an old system you need to download the sources of the application and compile it directly for your running system. We do not want to wait for the next hack to force the mandatory change...
Posted by True on Wednesday, 03.February 2010 @ 20:29:06 GMT (3697 reads)
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Novalogic: Distributors announced Delta Force Xtreme 2
Delta Force XtremeSome webshops are announcing a preorder for a new game called Delta Force Xtreme 2 for of February 2009. On Novaworld 2 forums you could find a small FAQ about, but nothing at
Posted by True on Friday, 06.February 2009 @ 16:57:02 GMT (4677 reads)
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Novalogic: Novaworld Community changes
NovalogicAfter the weekly reboot of the Novaworld services yesterday, we missed the lobbypart when logging in to Joint Operations today. Before we had three different lobbys hosted by three different servers and it seems two of them are gone. Now you get directed to the server that where hosting the american lobby before, without choosing any lobby at all. That may could be a sign that Nova is going to use those missed servers for the upcomming new games for betatesting.

The Novaworld website is still up, but if you are trying to logon you get directed to the Novaworld 2 Community website. That one changed the status from alpha to beta...
Posted by True on Friday, 06.February 2009 @ 16:44:14 GMT (3862 reads)
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JO: Reality MOD is back
Joint Operations: Typhoon RisingAfter two or so years of absence, the Reality Team, an arm of Psyphon Games (formerly Brutal Arts) did in March 2008, due to significant interest, re-activate the Reality expansion.

Reality was borne out of the desire of many people to have a more challenging and demanding FPS, without any of the arcade type bells and whistles. It promotes teamwork whilst demanding co-ordination, determination and patience. In short, it levels the playing field between the younger and older players, (i.e. what a mature player may lack in speed, can more than be made up for in cunning, patience and worldly experience, more commonly known as common sense)..
Posted by True on Sunday, 01.February 2009 @ 11:56:12 GMT (4659 reads)
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Games-HQ: Play with Style mod update available
Play with January 2009 - Games HeadQuarters announced the updated Play with Style mod for Joint Operations.

Today the updated version 0.4.132. It was rebuild and placed into our downloads section for all website members. We are proud to offer some new objects to be used by the mappers. The last update was already 15 months ago and we thought its time to go on with it...
Posted by True on Saturday, 17.January 2009 @ 22:59:01 GMT (2980 reads)
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Games-HQ: Games HeadQuarters usage 2008
Games HeadQuartersAnother year of gaming is gone. Lots of changes our members saw like every year. You ask lots of questions about the usage of our website and its tools, and i will try to answer some of them in this article...

We had some new members to welcome on Ventrilo, squads are no longer a topic on Games HeadQuarters website, but still for the members. But i could still copy the article from last year and will do with a part. Same question where frequently ask then each year: Why is only a small group of members using Ventrilo and the forums, when we have so many members? At the end of 2007 we had 400 registered users and after my yearlymail-check i had to remove around 100 because their email adresses where no longer valid, but we are more then back on that count. Welcome to 145 new members in 2008. The busy players know we only had one hand full joining us on Ventrilo (i am not counting our friends from other squads and groups, and they do not need any longer to create an account on the website to visit us on VT). Some people are using only the downloads, others are reading in the forums but never make a post. And this year a couple where coming to play our arcade games. Not each gamer is familar by using a voiceserver or installing the client (that need support from you). Right now we have 445 registered members and i am not able to answer it for all of them, but maybe you could get some answers by reading the serverstats, but you will see it is'nt realy easy...
Posted by True on Wednesday, 31.December 2008 @ 22:35:59 GMT (3655 reads)
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Games-HQ: Arcade game 1000 added
Games HeadQuartersSomewhere, of December 2008 - Games HeadQuarters proudly presents arcade game number 1000 is placed for our members.

In April 2007 we started testing a new addon for our forums, the Arcade module. It came without any game but there was a portal software based on phpNuke using it and we had the chance to have a look hows it working - and got the first 30 games for. Then - it was of May 2007, we could make it public. It was working well and we had already more the 50 games running as a test for our members. Would they like and use it?
Posted by True on Saturday, 20.December 2008 @ 20:58:04 GMT (3009 reads)
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